If you love hybrid online casino games with a slot and scratchcard-theme, then 7-UP! may just be right for you. This is not a game about Fido Dido of the popular soft drink with a similar name. However, it is all about matching up symbols on the reels and boosting your payouts.

Low Betting Amount In 7-UP!

You have seven paylines that are located on the right side of the screen. There is a column on that side as well and this column shows the various cash prizes to be won for each respective payline. If you look to the right of the screen, you will also see some options. The game options available include the selection of betting values depicted by a plus (+) and minus (-) sign.

Players of 7-UP! can place bets as low as £0.02 per line and as high as £10.00 per line.
To begin playing you will select your betting sum per payline, then click on the ‘Play’ icon. There is a ‘Turbo’ button that can be clicked on if you want to increase the overall speed of the game.

Fruit-Related Symbols are Rife

As you would expect, there are two categories of symbols in 7-UP These include low-value symbols as well as high-value icons. The high-value symbols consist of a blue diamond, a purple seven, a clover, a bar and a gold coloured horseshoe. The low-value symbols are predominantly fruits that include; a pineapple, a banana, cherries, a bunch of grapes, lemons and watermelon.

You can activate a 7-UP! Bonus Feature when you land nine matching symbols on the reels and this is not dependent on the type of matching symbol that you land. Your staked amount will be multiplied by a 7x multiplier each time you land a winning combo of three or more matching symbols from the 7 free spins that you are awarded.

7-UP! Gamble Feature

You can play a Gamble feature when you click on the ‘Take Risk’ button. You get a total of five shots of this feature. Here you can earn a 2x or 4x multiplier when you accurately guess the colour or suit of an upside down playing card. If you do not want to play this feature, then you need to click the ‘Take Wins’ button after a win. An incorrect guess and you will lose all you had previously won.

To Sum Up

This is a slot for low rollers and the RTP of 92.09% suggests as much. The game is colourful and bright, but if you want an all-action online slot you might need to search elsewhere. However, it makes up for its shortcomings with many wins and sufficient multipliers.

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