Aces & Eights Video Poker

For poker lovers alike, Aces & Eights Video Poker proves to be a win every time. Manufactured by Microgaming, the leading manufacturer and developer of virtual casino software in the world, Aces & Eights Video Poker is an entertaining and thrilling gaming option. Aces & Eights has crisp graphics that are pleasing to the bettor and an accessible interface that sanctions for flexible and stress-free game play.

One of the most prominent features of Aces & Eights is the single opponent payout schedule. In traditional poker games the player is betting against others at the table, however in the virtual world the bettor is only betting against the house. Playing against a single opponent instantly increases player odds.

Using a 52 card deck, the Aces & Eights interface uses randomized shuffling to disperse playing cards each round of play. Betting with Aces & Eights Video Poker is as easy as can be. The speed of the game is adjustable, so players can bet the minimum of .25 cents or quickly adjust to the maximum bet of 25.

Universal winning poker hands apply. Should players hit a Four of Kind or Royal Flush, they can expect a higher payout. With Aces & Eights, players should note that a Four of a Kind must include aces and eights in any card suit to provide a higher payout. The payout for a five-coin bet is 4000 coins. As with any betting game, players wagering the maximum bet have increased odds at winning the largest payout. The game also features a quick reference help guide for the convenience of each bettor. The help guide will explain possible payouts and winning card combinations.

As with any poker game, players betting with Aces & Eights will receive a randomized five card hand during each round. The flexibility of Aces & Eights allows players to discard anywhere from one or all five of their cards to receive a new hand. However players should note that after the new cards are dealt, this is the player’s final hand for that particular round.

Beyond the flexible and easy to understand play of game, there are many built-in features to enhance the players gaming experience. When playing in “Expert Mode,” players have the option to use an analysis tool which provides a probability table in relation to their specific hand. For novice players, the “Show Hints” feature will give cues to certain gaming scenarios that will increase player odds.

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