Artic Fortune


A 5-reel slot game, Arctic Fortune can take up to 500 coins and there’s even more in store:
– There are 1024 possible pay ways. And they stay enabled constantly.
– Wild Symbol.
– Scatter Symbol.
– Free Spins extra game.

How to play

In order to win at the game you need to form a valid symbol combination over the payline(s). The sum you get depends on the value of the achieved combination.
1 – The player makes a wager.
2 – The player starts the reels by clicking SPIN.
3 – If the player wins anything, the win gets displayed over the reels. The won sum is shown inside a WIN box.
4 – If you win nothing the game ends, but you may start the game again.
All payouts are based on what the value of the gotten symbol combination is.
Every single pay way is always active during every spin. That means the player cannot pick between them. All wagered sums get automatically multiplied using a X50 modifier. Betting just one coin translates into actually betting 50 coins in total per spin.
The AutoPlay function allows you to set a predetermined number of repeat games, negating any need for further settings adjustment on your part.


Arctic Fortune is a substituting symbol that:
Cannot be used to replace the scatter logo
Can only make an appearance on the second and fourth reel
Cannot produce a valid combination on its own, with only the multiple instances of the same symbol in the string
Map is a scattered logo that:
Can complete a valid scatter combination whenever more than two make an appearance.
Unlocks Free Spins whenever more than three make an appearance.
May not be replaced by the substituting symbol.
The way scatter winnings get added up is by having the value of the achieved scatter combination multiplied against the amount of wagered regular coins.
When more than three Map logos appear across the reels the bonus game Free Spins gets unlocked.

Free Spins

The player gets 40 free spins at the most.
A X6 modifier can be won at the most.
9000 coins at the most can be won during this bonus game.
A player picks objects which will at random grant him free spins, multiplier values and bonus win sums.
All played bets as well as all pay ways values of the triggering game apply during the bonus mode.
The only amount that gets shown is the bonus sum that has been won, since everything you make during the bonus mode will have already been multiplied against the total bet number.
The total amount won is all your bonus wins summed up.
A player can restart free spins while he is using this bonus mode.
If you get more than three Map symbols scattered across the reels while playing free spin games, you get an extra 3-5 spins respectively that will use the same modifier as the triggering spin. These additional spins get carried over onto the remaining amount of extra spins.

Game Rules

Every single pay way, out of the 1024 available, is constantly active.
A X50 wager applies per every spin.
Ten coins at the most can be wagered per each spin.
Cabinet malfunctions negate all payouts and plays.
The way in which regular winning combos pay is left-right. That means that the combination must start from Reel 1. Valid combinations cannot start on any other reel.
Different winning combos get paid per each pay way. If there are numerous winning strings using different symbols on any pay way – they all get paid out. If there are numerous winning strings using same symbols on any pay way, only the highest combination is paid.
If there are winning combinations appearing on different pay ways, the player is paid for all of them.
All payout numbers display the amount of used coins that were won for every combination. The amount of played coins decides the total amount of coins that are paid out.
Regular payouts are decided by multiplying the amount of wagered coins against the amount of won coins. The wager size you pick automatically gets modified through the wager multiplier for every single spin.
Winning scatter strings may appear anywhere across the reels.
In order to calculate how many credits have been won, the full amount of won coins gets multiplied against the selected coin size.
The formula behind this is: Coin Amount X used Coin size = credit sum.

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