Beerfest is an instant win game, enhanced with additional features, such as all round beers, munchies and dancing on the table, which can help a player to get a 5000x multiplier.

How to play

A player has to finish with every game before he can ask for the new card.
If he gets the winning combo, he will be paid per card.
In case there are more winning combos, only the highest is paid.
Down and up keys are used to adjust the bet.
New card key is used to show 3 additional games.
A player then has to select the game he wishes.
Games’ payouts do not depend on each other.
If a player finishes the game with flying colours, he is paid and can continue playing another game.
If he loses, he can start another game.
Win field shows all the winnings.


Bonus Games

This feature enables an instant win, where a player selects the game he wants, regardless of the order. He has to finish with the games, prior to asking for the new card. There is a possibility of winning a 5000x multiplier in every game.
The aim of the game is to uncover the bonus which is random by selecting different objects.
The bonus amount a player has won is shown only.
The game is won after a player has gathered all the bonus winnings.
The available games:
All round beers- a player has to select the drinker that will win the drinking contest. If he is right, his entire staked wager is multiplied by a multiplier.
Munchies- a player has to guess the waitress’s dish by picking one of the 3 dishes that are on the table. All dishes are covered. If he is right, his entire staked wager is multiplied by a multiplier.
Dancing on the table- a player selects a table where Fritz will dance. If he finishes the dance, then a player gets a multiplier on his entire staked wager.

Game Rules

A player cannot place his bet on more than 1 card.
A player can select the games, regardless of the order.
A player has to finish all games prior to asking for another card.
A player can receive the 5000x multiplier per game.
Random bonuses are given whenever he selects different objects.
Bonus winnings shown have already been multiplied with the entire staked amount. A player sees only the bonus winnings.
Winnings are not dependent on the games. They are combined in a win field.
When a player finishes playing a game, the winnings are combined
The multiplier won multiplies the entire staked amount to determine the winnings. The entire credit amount is directly linked to this.
A player is paid in credits.
If the system experiences technical difficulties, the games and payouts are cancelled.

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