Bermuda Mysteries


This slot game, aptly named Bermuda Mysteries, comes with five reels and two additional game features built in to provide the player with a greater chance to win more. The said extra features are the Free Games mode and Bonus Feature. To win you need to match a winning string of symbols using selectable lines, out of which you can choose any. On average, the ratio disclosing the predicted return to the player is precisely 95.33%.

How to Play

When you need to modify the settings associated with either bet or the lines you can use the – and + toggles to do so. If you simply wish to have the values automatically maxed out without any hassle on your part, simply make use of the Max toggle which will regulate values for either of the aforementioned categories, setting them as high as they can go. The tag line toggle next to the reels is used to decide how many lines are to be used in play.
Spin: Activates the reels.
Autoplay: A consecutive normal play mode is entered if this is toggled. It will last for as long as the player decides. The possible values range from five to five hundred spins.
Info: The system tells you what the winning combinations are and also specifies game rules.
All the relevant game-related data is shown in the following fields for your convenience:
1. Balance: Shows the amount you have to gamble with
2. Bet: Shows the sum staked per line in play
3. Lines: Shows how many lines are in play
4. Win: After the spin – shows how much you’ve won
5. Total Bet: Shows the entire sum on the table. It is calculated by multiplying the bet with the number of lines selected to be played.
Any system malfunctions render all payouts and plays void.  


Free games

This feature gets activated once at least three BADGE symbols occur.
Every time RADAR shows up on fifth reel, another twelve free plays are unlocked.
Every RADAR symbol that shows up increases the multiplier of the active free game by 1.
This game mode cannot be unlocked more than once.
The bet and lines settings used in the triggering game continue to be used for the duration of this feature.
Any free play winnings made are counted together with payline winnings as well as with scatter ones.

Rescue Bonus

This feature becomes activated once three MAP symbols make their appearance on a line that has been played.
You are then prompted to choose Bermuda Triangle areas so as to get bonus awards.
If you get a Ship or a Plane you win an award and the area designated for search gets refreshed with even bigger awards.
You can continue with searching the areas only until you discover one of the following: Freak Wave, Wormhole, Flying Saucer, Whirlpool, Broken Compass.
The amount of lines that triggered the feature is used to multiply the wins achieved throughout the feature.
This particular feature can be unlocked during Free Games mode.
If this particular feature does get unlocked during the said mode, every award you get is then multiplied using the current multiplier values of the free game mode.

Gambling if applicable

The player has the option to further gamble with his wins. To do that all they need is to press GAMBLE and proceed to pick either SUIT or COLOUR and make a correct guess. If they make a right prediction with regard to colour, they double their won amount. If they predict a right suit value, the winning gets quadrupled. The player is allowed to gamble a single winning no more than five times. And no Jackpot payouts are liable to be gambled with.

Game Rules

You are allowed to use up to twenty five lines.
The Paytable decides the payouts.
All payline winnings get multiplied against the wagered sum per payline.
The total sum that has been gambled is used to multiply scatter wins, which are then clumped together with payline wins.
Only the highest payouts are considered per picked payline.
Concurrent wins across various paylines get lumped together into a single sum.
Wins can only happen on picked lines aside from Scattered Badge.
Only Scattered Badge pays anywhere, all other symbols respect the Left-Right rule.
The Pilot symbol can only show up on the second, third and fourth reel and can be used to substitute every symbol, but for Scattered Badge or Map.
If a win is made with Pilot substituting, the win gets doubled.
The Map symbol can only turn up on the first, second and third reel, nowhere else.

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