For all those unfamiliar with NetEnt’s Big Bang slot game, the game is all about a deep space adventure. Set on an intergalactic ride into the far reaches of space, this progressive game from NetEnt was a huge success when it released on 2014. It is one of the finest games ever to be dished out by NetEnt and is still wildly popular in most online casinos. Taking this into consideration, the game which was available only on PCs and Macs are now available in android and IOS devices. The smartphone compatible version of Big Bang called the Big Bang Touch certainly packs in all the punch from its big screen version, but is well set to be playable with your fingertips!

Uncompromised graphics and sound effects!

Coming from NetEnt, it would be really wrong if Big Bang had compromised its features and effects to be a mobile friendly game. But thankfully the developers at NetEnt thought it through and have successfully made sure that the Big Bang Touch version is in every way as good as the PC version.With astounding graphics and fitting sound effects same as the desktop version, the game still does not fail to deliver its futuristic ambience and take you on an intergalactic trance that can only be stopped when the game stops.

Same old features, in a more convenient platform

Let’s face the facts. It’s not easy to switch on your computer every time you need to take a break and play your favourite slot game. When you have a mini computer in the form of your smartphones why should you bother to power up the big machine? This is the reason why the Big Bang Touch game is such a huge hit. With nothing but a miniature version of the slot game in your hand, the game still delivers everything it does in the actual slot version.

The reason why Big Bang was such a big hit was because it promised a 32x multiplier. That promise is still kept in the touch version of the game. Yes,the progressive multiplier still works and yes, you can make a win almost in every spin!


NetEnt’s Big Bang touch can be easily said to be a game that deserves a touch version. With is smooth sailing graphics, fitting sounds and awesome features, the touch version is every bit the same as the desktop version. With the added advantage of being able to play it in your phones or tablets with just a swipe of your finger, making big money is now at your fingertips, literally!

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