‘Birds on a Wire’ is basically a very sadistic game! This is because in this colourful slot, there comes a point when the birds sitting on the electric wire get electrocuted and we laugh at them!

Colourful, funny and full of action!

The birds welcome you to the game and gradually take up their places on the wire. When you hit spin, the screen changes and there are now fifteen birds sitting on 3 wires. Not every day do you come across such slot games with interesting characters? The background score is also decent, and the sound effects when a hit happens or a bird gets electrocuted are funny. A totally value for money 17 paylines slot game will keep you entertained for as long as you desire!

If you have found the theme of this game interesting, you will probably enjoy the bonus features too. To begin with, the big black bird is the wild symbol and has the authority to replace all other symbols, except of course the bonus symbol. The game, however, becomes interesting with Cascading reels. In this feature, whenever you get a winning combination, the fluttering birds will explode! And do not feel bad to smile at this because it is kind of funny the way it has been represented. The exploded-birds will drop down and you will see a new flock of Birds on a Wire!

This comes with a probability of winning again, and can go on until you stop getting winning combinations. And while that happens, you also get an increasing multiplier, with its limit to 5x until no wins are in your kitty.

The scatter symbols which lead you to free spins are actually cats hiding in a paper bag! As hilarious as it sounds, it is quite a deal to look at. Here, the birds fly away to another bunch of electric wires, but the multipliers are also huge with 4x, 8x, 12x and the maximum of 20x!


A theme you will fall in love with, Birds on a Wire is so much more than we expected! It is not a rip off of any other game, and has a smooth gameplay we can swear by! Get over the monotony of 5×3 reels because this is something really unique this game has to offer! A mobile slot with fun features and exciting bonus rounds to die for. Life just cannot get any better!

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