The love for casino gaming is increasing with each passing day. More and more new gamers are joining the bandwagon of the hardcore casino lovers who always love to indulge in casino gaming day and night.

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is one of the most loved online games. This online game is quite responsible for the love casino gaming is receiving. The gamblers love to indulge in the classic casino game but, with a little twist. The players now do not want to go to the traditional land based casinos for playing casino, they are opting for online casino and the best online casino game is of course, BlackJack Common Draw High Roller. The gamers are enjoying this new version of the casino classic to the core.

About the Developer

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller, the classic and one of the most popular casino games is developed by NetEnt.

NetEnt does not need any introduction. This game developer has been serving the gamers with the most amazing casino games. In the span of 20 years, NetEnt has always given the best digital versions of the best online games. BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is one such marvellous inception of NetEnt gaming.

About the Game

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is very fun and interesting casino game. The online version of this game gives the opportunity to this casino game live along with many players. The live game gives the feel of a real traditional casino game play. The players get a live dealer and six decks of cards. The gamers have to make a hand with value same or near 21 than dealer’s hand. At the initio of every game, the player has to place bets.

The player needs to press the betting box but, only after picking up a chip value. The player can click further to increase the stake amount. The best about the game is that the player gets to play simultaneously with same set of cards.

The dealer deals a card face up and other two cards in the card stream including the first card of the dealer. The gamer then needs to decide what he wants to do after seeing the value of the cards with the same rules. The game is finished when the dealer reveals his card


BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is an interesting game. The best thing is that you can play in the company of other players.

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