Blackjack Players Choice

Blackjack has a new game under its wing, and it’s only being offered right now at the Palazzo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Player’s Choice 1 is a mixed game of Blackjack and Three Card Poker. The game is filled with different ways to win, and it requires each player to make three instead of one original bet to play 3 different hands at once. The first two hands have blackjack rules apply. The third and last hand is a Three Hand Poker bet, which is also considered the bonus.

Each player gets three cards to use as their hand out of the decks used. The blackjack bets and the three card poker bets are a little different and have separate payouts. Here are the payouts that a Three Card Poker bet would make:

• 1-1 Pair
• 3-2 Flush
• 2-1 Straight
• 10-1 Trips
• 20-1 Straight Flush
• 60-1 Same Suit 3 of a kind
• 75-1 AKQ Same Suit

The blackjack hand will also need to be placed. Since there is two blackjack hands, the third Three Card Poker hand and place it in between the two blackjack hands. The cards can have to stay placed in that order after the first turn has begun.

Here are the payouts that a blackjack bet would make:

• Player cannot surrender.
• Player cannot draw on split aces.
• Player can only split the Aces once
• Player can split up to four hands.
• Player may double after the split of cards.
• Dealer must stay at 17 or more.
• Blackjack Always Pays 3-2

The only time insurance is offered to the players is if the dealer shows an Ace card as their visible card next to the hidden card. Each player gets an option to whether or not they want to accept to take insurance. Insurance doesn’t last the entire game so each new turn that the Ace shows up at the dealer’s hands will be a new chance for a player to choose insurance.

Blackjack is a very simple game to play, and it is a very good game to mix with Three Card Poker. A player may be an expert in playing Blackjack but when mixed with three card poker can offer different advantages to each new player.

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