Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multihand has made it possible for all the Blackjack lovers to enjoy the classic without getting bored. It has got a lot to offer to hard-core gamers who seek new twist every once in a while. While the basics remain same, there are new rules to be understood.

About the Developer of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multihand

This new Blackjack version is brought to you by NextGen Gaming. BlackjackProMonteCarloMultihand has been conceptualised and developed by this gaming tycoon. NextGen gaming is not a stranger to the gaming world. It has invented a number of theme-based games in recent times. Their games are technically advanced, full of features and a promise of full-fledged entertainment. NextGen Gaming came into being in the late 90s and since then it has been working hard to release new games every month.

About the Game:

The makers have made sure that they introduce every amazing element of entertainment into this video game. At the same time, they haven’t disturbed the basic theme of Blackjack and therefore all the rules and regulations are easy to understand. The bet range starts from a minimum of 0.02 and reaches to a maximum of 0.20 pounds. Thus, you can start off with a very little amount and can take away some huge wins. One of the most interesting features is Mulithand. Yes, Blackjack Pro MonteCarlo Multihand lets you play your game using five hands at a time against the dealer. Thus, you have higher chances of landing the winning hand and you can hope to beat the dealer more often. All the players here, just like the traditional blackjack game play against the dealer with the same set of basic rules. When the players have a hand value more than that of a dealer, they win the game.


Blacjack Pro MonteCarlo Multihand is a highly enjoyable game that promises an easy gaming experience along with larger payouts. This game is the perfect choice for both, beginners as well as experts.

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