Boss the Lotto is a game that presents a unique angle to casino gaming. This game, like all others from Gamevy, doesn’t involve spinning wheels, spinning reels or a deck of cards. Regardless of this, Boss the Lotto is no less exciting than the other classic casino games. Read on to discover the unique features of this game.

About the Developer

Gamevy is a casino game developer based in London. The games from this developer are different from other games. The gameplay is quite unique that it can be said that Gamevy has created a new genre of games. Although its games are unique compared to other games, they all share a common thread. This common thread would be brought to the fore in this review of Boss the Lotto.

About the Game

Boss the Lotto is a game which involves a player selecting the right balls from a set of lottery balls. These lottery balls are 49 in number and of these 49, six are wrong selections. These balls are quite realistic looking and would make you think you are actually playing real lotto balls. The balls reflect the light from the game, giving it a touch of pink, blue, and green.

When you select the right ball, it spins and transforms into a currency symbol. If you select a wrong ball, it spins and transforms into a black ball. When a black ball is revealed, the remaining five black balls also get revealed and the game is lost. In order to cash out your win, you need to make a minimum of 6 correct selections.

When the gameplay for Boss the Lotto commences, you have to select the amount you wish to bet in a particular round. The minimum amount that you can bet is £1 while the maximum amount is £10. When you bet the minimum of £1, you have the chance of winning a jackpot of £500,000. Betting the maximum of £10 can result in the £5,000,000 jackpot. The higher you bet, the larger your possible jackpot.

If you are in the mood for more adrenaline, you can swipe at the balls to select a row of close balls. This feature is quite risky but if you have the heart and the cash, you can go on and have an exciting time.


Boss the Lotto is not quite different from other games by Gamevy. However, compared to other casino games, the difference is quite clear.

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