Break Away


A 500 coin, 5-reel slot machine, Break Away offers tow feature modes, called free spins and rolling reels, 243 constantly open pay-ways and logos that can be wild and scattered. To play all you need to do is activate the reels. The goal is to match a winning string across the pay way. The sum won is based on the value of the matched combo.

How to play

+ and – are used to adjust the size of the coin for betting.
Coins is used to adjust the amount of coins for betting.
Bet Max is used to set the amount of coins to maximum automatically.
Spin is used to start the game and spin the reels.
Win is used to display how many coins you have won.
You cannot deactivate any of the pay ways since they all stay permanently open. Any bet you make gets a x50 multiplier by default.
Payout tables depict the value of each valid combination. How many coins you win is based on the amount of coins you bet.
Take the coin amount won and multiply it against the amount of coins wagered and you’ll get the sum representing a regular win.
The coin size used decides the amount of credits won. The size of the coins gets multiplied against the coin amount won.
More than just one winning combo using different logos per pay way means you get paid for every single one. Whereas, in case you get several strings per pay way that all use the exact same logo – only the largest winning string gets counted.
If a valid symbol string comes up across multiple paylines, the player gets rewarded for each instance.
Symbols have to be adjacent to one another in regular winnings. They pay left-right, i.e. the string has to start from the first reel. Otherwise it won’t pay.
Combine the scatter combination payout with the amount of wagered regular coins through multiplication and you’ll get the sum representing the scatter win. Scatter wins get appended to normal winnings. If you happen across both a regular winning and a scatter one you get awarded for both. Since scatter symbols pay anywhere and needn’t be lined up. Three of them must appear across the reels though. And they cannot get replaced with the substituting symbol.


Break Away

This is used as a substituting symbol for all the others, but for the scattered ones. It can produce stacks of wild symbols. Reels one and two have no wild symbols. The third reel has a stack of 18 symbols, whereas the fourth has a stack of 25 symbols. Reel number five has a stack of just 3 symbols. It cannot create a valid symbol string just by itself.


This is used as a scatter logo. In case three of them appear across the reels, a winning combination is formed and free spins are triggered. It is also the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the break away one.

Free Spins:

If there are three pucks, then this feature is activated which provides a player with as many as 25 extra spins. The amount of free spins is based on the amount of symbols used in triggering the mode. Rolling Reels mode is accessible during Free Spins. The lines and bet values used for the activating game still apply. This bonus mode cannot be retriggered during Free Spins.

Rolling Reels

This feature is activated if there is a winning.
When a player forms a winning combo, the matched symbols explode and vanish after the payout. Those symbols that were directly above the ones from the previous winning combo, change position to occupy the spaces now left vacant. If a player manages to get another winning string off this shift, then he receives another payout. And so on. Rolling Reels mode is accessible during Free Spins. Each successive win enhances the modifier value. The range of the modifier goes from X1-X10. If a winning combo does not get formed the value is reset back to X1. 

Game Rules

Every single one of the 243 paylines remains constantly open.
A X50 modifier applies per each spin.
As much as ten coins can be played per each spin.
The Total Bet Amount represents the amount of coins bet X the bet modifier.
The formula behind the coin into credits conversion: coin amount X wagered coin size = the sum in credits.
In the case of system breakdown all payouts and plays are disabled.

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