Bunny Boiler


A board game, Bunny Boiler brings an instant win to the player by allowing him to move across the board and land on symbols. He uses dice for rolling. He can only receive one payout per card, even if there are 2+ winning strings.

How to Play

+ and – keys are used to adjust the bet amount, i.e. the amount of credits that a player wishes to stake.
A new card key is used to show a new card.
A roll dice key is used to roll the dice up to 6 times maximum.
A player receives the payout when he finishes all 6 rolls, or if he does not survive the death symbol. This payout is directly linked to the last prize a player has won.



If a player lands on this symbol, he is allowed to roll the die again, provided he hasn’t reached the upper limit for rolling the dice.


If a player lands on this symbol, he has two options: 1. he will survive and will be awarded another roll and 2. he won’t survive; in that case he will lose the game. In case of the scenario 2, he will receive the last winning, which he passed on the board.


If the player lands or passes this symbol, he will be awarded the prize which is on the board. Game Rules
The player cannot bet on 2,3,… cards at the same time.
The last prize determines how much he wins.
The winnings are determined by multiplying the entire amount stakes with the multiplier that a player won.
He is paid per one winning string on each card. If there are two or more winning strings on one card, then he is paid the highest one.
A player receives payouts in credits.
The entire amount that a player wins is determined by multiplying the amount staked with the multiplier that a player receives.
In case of malfunction, all payouts and games are cancelled.

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