Call of the Colosseum


Enriched with an extra feature for free games, which can help you increase the amount won, Call of the Colosseum gives you an opportunity to win 95.26% in return on average. This is a game with five reels where the main goal is to have a combination, the winning one of course, in the lines that you have selected. The amount that you will receive once you guessed the right combination depends on the amount you have staked, that is the number of coins you have used, and on the type of combination that you got.

How to Play

You can choose the number of lines and bet by going up using the + button or down using the – button next to the lines and bet fields. If you want to adjust it to the maximum, you can press the max button. On the other hand, there’s a line tag number next to the reels which is used for selecting the number of lines that you would like to play too.
With the spin button, you spin the reel. With the autoplay button, you adjust the plays to be the same during a previously set number of spins, which can be up to 500.  The games that you play are set automatically.
You will be given awards if you get the right combination.
On a display there are several categories: 1. lines, where you can see how many lines you’re playing, 2. win, that shows how much you have won per spin, 3. balance, that shows the entire amount, 4. bet, that illustrates the amount you have staked per every line that you selected to play, and 5. total bet, which displays the entire wager that is staked, which is in fact the number of lines multiplied by the bet.
Please note that if the site experiences some malfunction, then all the payouts and plays are to be abolished.


Free Games

If you get three shields at least, then the feature where you get 10 games for free will be activated. With it, all the prizes that you win will be duplicated.
If you see emperor on the screen, notice whether he is showing thumbs up or down, as this can result in rewards. If the thumbs are up, you can win up to three games that you can play for free, at the lines. You cannot restart this feature. The bet is of the trigger game.


There are two options for gambling your wins, one means picking up a colour and the other picking up a suit. All the winnings can be gambled for five times, except for the jackpot, which cannot be gambled at all. If you get it right, then you will enhance your winnings for 200% for the colour and an astonishing 400 % for the suit.

Game Rules

Scattered Shield is the only win that is not found on the lines you have selected. It is also the only win that can be paid either left to right or right to left. All others follow the left to right payment. In addition, it is the only one that cannot be replaced by emperor, which is only found on the second, third and fourth reels.
The amount that is found on each payline is multiplied with the payline wins.
There is a possibility to play up to 25 lines.
The total amount that is placed in the game is multiplied by the wins that are scattered.
These scatter wins are also added to the wins of the payline.
The lines that you have selected will display only the highest win. If there are the same wins that are found on other paylines, then they are added.

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