This is a 3-reel and 3-coin slot game that has 1 payline, a wild symbol that can serve as a multiplier, and a jackpot that is progressive. A player needs to get a winning string on the payline in order to earn some money, which is directly linked to the type of string that he gets.

How to Play

The size of the coins is adjusted by using + and – keys.
Max bet is used for setting the bet amount to the highest possible.
The field spin is used for reel spinning.
The win field shows how much a player has won; the winning will be highlighted at the reels.
The field payout table is used for setting the number of coins a player wishes to wager in a game. Bet one field is used to raise the bet per one coin.
The payout table displays the amount won per string.
The winnings that a player receives depend on the symbols used in the winning string.
How many credits a player wins is directly linked to how many coins he won which is multiplied by the size of the coins he chose.
All winning strings have to start from the 1st reel and line up in a row on the payline. Otherwise they are not considered winning.


Cash Splash

This symbol can be used to replace all the others, and when it does, it serves as a 2x multiplier, doubling the winnings, or as a x4 multiplier, quadrupling the winnings, provided that there are two of them in the latter case.
It can be used to form a winning string on its own if there are several of them on the same payline, but this time, they do not function as multipliers.
Jackpot that is progressive
If there are at least 3 symbols of cash splash ordered in a row, on the payline, then a player is awarded the jackpot that is progressive. In order to be able to use this feature, the player has to place bets of 3 coins on every spin.
How much the jackpot is worth currently is shown in credits.
If someone wins the jackpot, then all the players across the world are informed about it. The jackpot is then returned to its minimal value. The site shows how much this jackpot is worth now, as well as who has won it recently.

Game Rules

Coins come in one size only i.e. as credit coins.
Only the highest winning string is paid.
All symbols have to follow left-right rule, i.e. they have to appear on the 1st reel first and be lined up one after the other.
All numbers displayed on the paytable represent the winning amount in coins per string.
Only the jackpot progressive payout is in credits, all others are in coins.
The amount of coins that a player wins directly depends on the entire bet amount which is multiplied with the size of the coins that a player selects, i.e. Credits=Coin amount x size of the coins.
In case of technical problems, the site cancels all the games and payouts.

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