Club Roulette is one of the best live dealer table games in the world. You can even alter your roulette table or choose some other live game by just selecting the menu button of LIVE GAMES any time. Until you select a new table to join actually, you won’t be eliminated from the table, thus you can use the LIVE GAMES button to explore other games while still playing the game. The black toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the game screen and window. There are many key elements in the gaming window.

About Developer of Club Roulette

This game is powered and developed by NetEnt. NetEnt is a leading software provider which offers premium solutions to the casino gaming industry of the world. NetEnt has been pioneering the world of online gaming since 20 years.

About Game

You can play Club Roulette by spinning a little ball onto a circular wheel which as 37 numbered slots. The ball stops in any of these slots after the wheel comes to rest. The main objective of Roulette is to guess the slot number accurately in which the ball will come to rest. You earn a prize on your stake if you make an appropriate guess. The payoff size is based on the stake placed.
To play the roulette, choose the best amount of a provided spin by clicking on the appropriate betting fields of the roulette table. The window of ‘Total Bet’ displays the total stake. The stakes placed in the last game can be repeated by selecting the repeat key. If the repeat key is selected for the last round’s stake, then you get a chance of 2x multiplier if you have enough funds. Many different types of stakes can be placed on the roulette table. Each kind of stake covers a specific range of numbers, and each kind has its own payoff. There are rows on the panel which are nothing but the short lines of 3 numbers, while the columns are the long lines of 12 numbers. The first 5 types of stakes are all placed on the numbered space and known as inside bets whereas the last 3 kinds are placed on specific boxes below and are known are outside bets.


Club Roulette is an appealing and realistic online game of roulette. The amazing graphics and fantastic sound effects will enthral you and take you into a real world of casino.

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