Diamond Deal is a game from the works of Gamevy that introduces an element of lottery into the world of online gambling. This game is one that deviates from the normal pattern of classic games. The game is guaranteed to deliver quality gaming experience and huge payouts.

About the Developer

Gamevy is a casino game developer based in London. This developer is devoted to creating games that are unique in their gameplay. Their games do not involve spinning reels, wheels or cards. Instead, Gamevy introduces an element of the lottery into their games. This review of Diamond Deal would shed more light on the peculiarities of Gamevy.

About the Game

Diamond Deal is a game which involves you selecting diamonds from the right boxes in a 5 x 10 grid. The game design is one that involves a lot of purple and a handful of stage lights. The use of purple here is very significant since it symbolises luxury and this game deals with diamonds.

To start playing Diamond Deal, you have to select the amount which you would stake for a round. The minimum amount is 1 while the maximum is 10. As you select the respective sum that you wish to bet, it displays the jackpot amount. The minimum bet amount of 1 results in a jackpot of 100,000 while the maximum bet amount results in a jackpot of 1,000,000. When you are done selecting your bet, click on the start button.

This takes you to the game proper and displays the grid. To play, you have to click on the box that you think contains the diamond. Only ten of the fifty boxes here contain a diamond, so you need some luck. If you select a box, a white light illuminates the box and exposes its content. If it is empty, it shows a black empty space. If it contains a diamond, it displays the diamond on the screen and the amount of your payout. This is accompanied with a victory soundtrack that is sure to gear you up for more action.

Here, you have four lives with which you are to make the right selection. If you make a wrong selection, one of your lives goes. If you find a diamond, it replenishes your four lives.


Diamond Deal is a very interesting game and is also quite tense. The fact that there are only ten correct boxes out of fifty makes the game quite hard. But, these are diamond so they shouldn’t be easy to locate.

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