Double Bonus Poker


This poker game uses one pack, which is always shuffled prior to the beginning of the game. The player needs to have the strongest hand in order to win. Double Bonus is not equipped with a wild card, but has an additional feature, called double, and it provides a player with an opportunity to earn as many as 4000 coins. The highest combos include 4 of Aces, 4 of 2s,3s,or 4s and 4 of 5s…up to the kings, respectively.

How to Play

-and+ keys are used to choose the coin size.
The paytable is used to set the bet amount.
A player will receive 5 cards when the button deal is pressed.
A player can hold the cards that he wishes by clicking on them.
To change the cards, the player can use draw.
If a player has the strongest hand he wins and gets a chance to double, by drawing another card that will be higher than the card of the dealer, or collect it, i.e. take the payout.
The paytable displays the amounts won for every combo.



A player can try to get a higher valued card than a dealer has, until he has reached the limit for it or until he gets a card that is of a lesser value than the dealer’s.

Game Rules

The highest combo is royal flash, then it’s four of a kind, then straight flush, followed by the full house and flush, straight. Lower ranking positions occupy 3 of a kind and pair, whereas the last place is for jacks or higher.

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