Dragon’s Fortune


Dragon’s Fortune is a ball game that can bring an instant winning to the player. All he has to do is match two symbols, coloured pearls, which will bring him a multiplier. The highest amount is paid for each card.

How to Play

+ and – keys are used to adjust the player’s bet amount.
The win field displays the winnings.
Only the highest amount is paid, as a player can receive only one payment for each card.
Two pearls that match bring the winning.
The symbols shown influence the winnings that a player receives.
The multiplier is used to multiply the entire bet.
How many credits a player wins is dependent on the bet amount which is multiplied with the multiplier value that he has won.

Game Rules

A player is not allowed to bet on multiple cards at the same time.
The player receives the winnings in credits, the entire amount of which is determined by multiplying the bet amount with the multiplier that a player has won.
If there are any technical problems with the site, the plays and payouts will be cancelled.
A player receives one payment for every card, the highest one.
The aim is to get two matching symbols.
The numbers displayed show the multiplier that a player has won.

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