Gems are shiny and precious but are they epic and dangerous? That depends on a lot of factors. It can be said that the process of mining for gems is epic and dangerous. But on a general note, gems aren’t so dangerous. This isn’t the case in Epic Gems, a betting game developed by Gamevy. To discover how epic this game is, just hang around.

About the Developer

Epic Gems is a game developed by Gamevy, a developer based in London. Games created by Gamevy are different from a lot of others found in average casinos. Unlike those others, Gamevy titles do not involve cards, spinning reels or wheels. It would be more appropriate to credit Gamevy with creating a new style of gameplay well on its way to becoming classical.

About the Game

Epic Gems is a game in which you have to select the right gems or you stand the chance of getting your fingers burnt. The predominant colour in this game is a light blue colour. Serving as a background is outer space with a bluish tinge. In the far distance stars are twinkling in all their glory. Floating lazily about are different planets. This is well complemented with a low tempo action soundtrack that is sure to keep you excited.

When you begin the game, you have to select your preferred bet amount. The minimum is £1 and the maximum is £10. The jackpot increases as your bet amount increases. For the minimum of £1, the jackpot is £2500. For the maximum of £10, the jackpot sum is £25,000. When you are ready for action, click on the ‘PLAY’ button.

This takes you to the main centre of the action. You are presented with 40 gems. Of these 40 gems, four of them are concealed mines while seven of them would double your money. If you select the right gem, it would get sucked into the vortex located to the right and your win increases. If you select the wrong gem, it displays the mine which blows up all your winnings.

Epic Gems comes to an end and shoves a huge ‘UNLUCKY’ at you.


Epic Gems is a very tense game that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. The excitement here is very palpable and it increases with the number of your clicks. Every click could either make or mar you, so tread carefully.

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