Roulette is one of the slots that is loved by most players who love to gamble. The interesting thing about playing this game is its quality and ability to recreate a real casino atmosphere. It is a game powered by Gamevy (NYX) which is based on the real Roulette table. There will be only one green zero that can make a difference to your game and decide your winnings. Once you start the game, you can see a slow spinning wheel in the foreground. There will be a normal betting table above the wheel and you can see the layout of a racetrack on the left-hand side of the wheel.

How To Play Online Roulette

To play this game, you have to set your preferred coin size which can be anything between 0.20 and 250 while the maximum bet can be £10,000. It is then left to players to decide where they want to place their chips. In case you are yet to decide, you can go for a trial and error method. The bets can be made for a single number that has greater odds of 36/1. The other bets can be on red/ black, even/ odd, low/ high and many more.

The Betting Options Available

Roulette gives you various complex betting options to make. These can be any of the following:
Black Splits – You can bet on the occurrence of two black numbers together on the mat.
Red Splits – You can bet for an occurrence of any two red numbers together on the mat.
Voisins Du Zero – Here you can bet on the Zero and the other sixteen neighbouring numbers.
Tiers Du Cylindre – You can also place a bet on the third of the wheel which has twelve numbers just opposite to the Voisins Du Zero.

Spin A Ball And Win In Roulette

Once you have decided on the bets you are making, you can then go for the ‘Spin’ option to see where the ball lands on the wheel. There is also a ‘Repeat’ button which can ensure that you repeat the same bet you placed earlier.

To Sum Up

Overall this is a game full of fun and entertainment which can give you good payouts as well. Though the RTP for this particular game is not listed, according to the Roulette standard, it can have 97.30% to offer its players. The game has amazing graphics with easy to use buttons and options for players. This is a simple and true-to-life version of the real Roulette game.

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