Have you ever been to a casino to play their slots, or played with slot machines online, but simply wanted something more? Forsaken Kingdom supplies hours of exciting slot play while creating an atmospheric battleground full of action and violence!

Forsaken Kingdom starts the player out in a ruthless and barbaric scene where anything can happen. The story line is largely based on the Arthurian Legend and integrates that vibe into the setting of the game. You are forced to deal with the evil and attacks that may spring up at any moment along your voyage! The medieval themed adventure slot game gives you a thrilling and exciting adventure through the darkness that surrounded this time medieval period. Behind every corner lurks a new surprise that can push you forward or knock you back… how will you react to the challenge?

The 5 Reel slot game gives provides you with the captivating experience of playing a slot with multiple variables that can disrupt your gaming experience. The Rabcat powered game gives players a feeling of being deep within older times just like a high production movie. You will be shocked at how realistic, challenging, and scary this game can be!

If you’re ready to suit up in your armor, grab your weapons and prepare for battle – this is the game for you!

How to Play

The main objective of Forsaken Kingdom is to gather a group of 12 knights with the same objective – total victory! Once you’ve collected the shields of your brave allies, they will take a seat around the Round Table to show gratitude and brotherhood. These brave soldiers will help you rescue your loved ones from the evil that plagues the land and save the day.

As you make your way through the battlegrounds, keep an eye out for free spins you accumulate. These spins can add additional elements to the game play and help you along your journey.

There are many perks in the game that help you get through some of the tougher times while also adding an element of novelty. Some of the sub perks include Eternal Love, Guinevere Wild, and the infamous Epic Battle Bonus. The biggest feature in the game is hands down the Excalibur win symbol addition. This feature adds an element of luck to your game play and increases the odds of success!

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