Foxin Wins


Designers of the Foxin Wins, using the super bet wager, have made sure that this five reel slot game brings maximum potential return to each player, i.e. if a player uses super bet 25CR, he will get 50 coins which will automatically increase the return to 95.62%. If he uses super bet 10CR, he will get 35 coins, which will lower the return to 95.33% and if he does not use super bet, then his theoretical return will be 95.22%. The amount of coins used, together with the type of the winning sequence directly influence the amount won.
Two other features, free games and random bonus, are set so that a player can win some real money.
The main idea of the game is to get that lucky combo of symbols in the lines that a player has selected.

How to Play

+ and – buttons are used for adjusting the bet and lines.
Max button is used to set the bet and lines to the maximum automatically.
Spin button is used for spinning the reel.
Info button is used for game rules and possible awards.
Autoplay button is used for playing normal games for a period of spins continuously for up to 500 spins. The button is used by a player who does not want to interact with the software.
Win shows how much a player has won per spin.
Balance shows how much money, coins, a player has in total.
Bet shows how much a player has staked per line.
Total bet shows how much the player has staked in total. It is called a total wager and it is obtained by multiplying the bet with the lines that are played.
Malfunction with the site means cancellation of all payments and games.


Super bet

There is an extra wager on a side of the reels that a player can use. It is called super bet and it increases the number of coins, i.e. when super bet is not switched on, a player has 25 coins with and the possibility of the fox pup to appear on the third reel. When he uses superbet 1, he earns 35 coins and a possibility of the fox pups to appear on the second, third and fourth reel. And if he uses superbet 2, he gets 50 coins and the fox pups can appear on any of the reels.

Random bonus

There is a random bonus that a player can receive when the spin has been paid.
Fox funds bring in the prizes.
Leprechaun shakedown also brings in the prizes but only if a player catches the leprechaun.
Prizes are given as they are shown.

Free games

If a player sees at least three POTs, he can receive ten games to play for free at the lines. These games have the prizes that are worth twice as much than normal games. A Fox pup symbol shows up more often in these games as well.
A player bets of the trigger game and he can restart the feature more than once.


A player can gamble his winnings using the gamble button and selecting the colour or suit. If his guess is correct, his winnings will be duplicated for the right colour and quadrupled for the right suit. This does not apply to jackpot winnings that are progressive, as they cannot be used for gambling. The limit for gambling the winnings is five times.

Game Rules

Scattered pot is the only win that does not show on the lines that a player has selected. It is also the only symbol that pays right to left and vice versa. The rest have to follow left to right order. In addition it cannot be replaced by the fox, which is a substitute for all other symbols.
If a fox pup appears inside any of the reels, then it turns a symbol wild.
25 lines are a maximum that a player can select.
Paytable is used to calculate the payouts.
Wins that are the same but are found on different paylines are summed up.
The amount on each payline is multiplied by the wins of the paylines.
The entire amount that a player has staked is multiplied by the scatter wins, except for the super bet.
Scatter wins are combined with the wins of the payline.
Selected paylines show only the highest amount won.

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