Ruby slot games are not new to the slot world but 6 Rubies of Tribute is. This is a game made with an Aztec theme and there are a lot of settlements to clear in the name of crazy gems. 6 Rubies of Tribute’s animations are also bright and gem-like because it wants its customers to feel alive and not bored. So, now is the time to spin 6 Rubies of Tribute. 

Make Way for 6 Rubies of Tribute

Have you rolled ruby themed slot games or any other sparkly gem slots? Even if you have, you should allow yourself to spin 6 Rubies of Tribute! It’s a completely different gameplay with an Aztec temple in the middle with a lot of sparkly rubies in the form of animals. Once you reach the epitome of this game, which you won’t, you will get to see some magical animations made by OldSkool Studios. So, take this statement as a challenge and try to be at the epitome of 6 Rubies of Tribute. While coming to the symbols, they are some old fashioned spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. But the highs are rubies in the shape of monkeys, frogs, panthers and birds. There will be plenty of wilds as well as scatters too. The layout here is super well made and there is nothing to get frustrated while spinning the reels. The spin button is positioned on the right and there won’t be any unwanted icons anywhere to distract the gamers. While coming to the extras of 6 Rubies of Tribute, they will start with the wilds, scatters and some respins. The wild can give you up to 20x and the scatters are for the extra spins. But the main item here will be the ruby symbol feature and the hold and win feature. Both these two features are ruby oriented and once you get to the main game, these will start to get activated and this is what you really want to win from 6 Rubies of Tribute. So, study the rubies and then spin the game with some expertise. 

Conclusion on 6 Rubies of Tribute

Just go for it and 6 Rubies of Tribute will support you till you win!  

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