This is a slot game made by Aurum games and it’s all horses and races from the start to finish. Don’t get your hopes too high because 9 Races to Glory is not that stunning but it can give you everything that a stunning game would give out. So, buckle up for the horse ride and make your moves over the track of 9 Races to Glory. 

The Track of 9 Races to Glory

What is stunning here would be the green field stadium behind the spinning reels. It’s all green and the healthy horses are all ready to run for the win. It’s with these horses that you need to spin and make the wins of 9 Races to Glory. In terms of animations, you won’t get much from 9 Races to Glory. That’s because 9 Races to Glory is not about the style but about the play and the overall smoothness. If you want the win, you can get that from this slot without any restrictions and only with a couple of spins. So, what are these spinning items? These will be some sports jackets, helmets, bows and the horses that are ready for the run. Here, the horse will be the wild of 9 Races to Glory and there will also be some high powered, high winning 7s. If you mind these sevens, you can win pretty much the whole of 9 Races to Glory with no compromises. Since everything is on an order, you don’t have to do anything stupendous to make and trigger the wins. Now, to the bonuses of 9 Races to Glory. These are all instant cash rewards and free spins. The wins are all powered by the running horses and they make all the arrangements of these wins. If you land the jacket symbols over a syncing motion, these rewards get triggered. Apart from these, there is nothing extra special about 9 Races to Glory. If you are here to win, you head to the symbol tray and make some combinations. The rest is all up to the game and its systems to win and rewin. So, try your luck and race through 9 Races to Glory! 

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