There are a lot of ways to spin and win the game of Amazon Kingdom. Once you begin your quest for the reels, you can easily maneuver through each of the levels and get to the final rewarding end. It’s really a simple game but you need to put some effort here. So, are you ready to put this game to the start mode? 

Some Specs about the Amazon Kingdom

There are many ways to spin and get to the rewardscentral of the game of Amazon Kingdom. One way is to learn all the symbols of it and then putting them in combination through the reel spin. Another way is to just spin with luck like a free shot. Whichever way you spin, the game has some pretty serious layout structure and graphics and it won’t bore you at all. First of all, everything is jungly in style and there will be a lot of vines and creepers and bushes and trees which you can see in the background layout. Apart from this, the overall structural animations as well as the graphics are also pretty neat and catchy. While coming to the symbols, they are of three sets. The lows, mids and the highs. The low will be some alphabet icons, mid will be animals, and the highs will be character icons. All these will be duly notified on the reel tray and there won’t be any confusion or complication anywhere. All you have to do here is spin and wait for the rewards to fall. Since the animations and graphics and even the colors are bright, you easily get carried away by the game. 

Now coming to the bonuses and prizes of Amazon Kingdom, there will be some usual wilds, scatters and lots of extra bonuses. For the former, you just need to land the specific icons on a row to trigger the rewards. There is a bonus wheel function as well and for this, you need to map a bit more on the luck side and then give it a throw. 

Anyhow, Amazon Kingdom is really an amazing slot game for all those who love jungle and jungle features. Map it down now and cash the wins. 

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