American Roulette Live lets players access the wonders of American Roulette like they would if they were in an actual casino. It can be played in real time on both mobile and PC and with a live dealer that can be interacted with. Rather than stepping foot in an actual casino, players of this live roulette variant can just relax at home, office or anywhere else and watch as the action unfolds right before them in stunning HD.

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Live Like A King With American Roulette Live!

The American Roulette Live is basically the live version of American Roulette. The wheel used has the standard 38 pockets, which are numbered from zero to 36. There is also a double zero pocket in place, unlike standard European Roulette.

Players of American Roulette Live are able to lay wagers on both single numbers and groups of them. These types of wagers are made on the inside portion of the roulette table. On the outside portion of the table, players can place bets on high or low numbers, red or black, odd or even numbers.

There are half a dozen varied 12-number bets that players can wager on. As well as column, dozen bets and a few 18-number bets.

Presiding over the gameplay is a live dealer and a rather stylishly attired one at that! Players can interact with this delightful creature via live chat if they so wish. Like any live dealer game, the action is streamed from a studio, with the provision of multiple cameras ensuring that no microsecond of the onscreen action is missed.

Gameplay In American Roulette Live

The gameplay in this live roulette variant can be accessed on all devices for maximum player convenience. There are lots of available options in place for picking a table, as well as different supported languages, stake limits and styles.

Once the desired table has been chosen, players can place their bets. The roulette table then shows a maximum of 10 of the biggest potential payouts that are of course based on what numbers players wagered on.

During gameplay, the most recently successful numbers are shown on the results column. Hot and cold numbers are also provided as a sort of guide.

Final Thoughts

American Roulette Live provides a great live dealer experience, has lots of options that enhance both playability and enjoyability and delivers chunky doses of action and excitement!

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