American Roulette


American Roulette comes with pockets on the wheel that are numbered and start at 00, ending with 36. The inspiration for this game is your standard American type roulette game. Additional features come in the form of Neighbor Bets and Bet Layouts that can be customized.

How to Play

The goal is to correctly guess on which number the ball gets to land on. The way you do that is by placing a bet that will reflect your prediction.
Before placing the bet you are allowed to either increase or decrease the chip amount you wish to wager by using the appropriate buttons, labeled + and -.
After the bet has been placed you should click SPIN to drop the ball onto the roulette wheel which will be spinning.
When the ball stops, and your guess was right, the amount won appears inside a field called a WIN box.
There is a variety as to what types of bets you may play. There are two standard bet types – Inside and Outside Bets. Each type has a set maximum limit for betting.

Expert Mode

There are two play modes – the Regular Mode and the Expert Mode.
Regular play serves as the standard play mode, it doesn’t use any advanced features. Expert play mode uses features from both the regular play mode and advanced features. You can easily change between the two modes. Just press EXPERT, or if you wish to have a normal game press REGULAR.
Expert play mode unlocks the following features:
– Bet Layouts that can be customized,
– Neighbor bets and
– Autoplay – which allows the player to instantly play a set batch of games set one after another without needing to further tamper with the settings.


The player has a choice between different standard types of bet. Namely, between Inside and Outside bets.

– Inside Bet:

Any bet made on whichever number on the field, ranging from 00 – 36. The roulette game you happen to be playing, its sort, determines what kinds of bets you have access to. Here are some examples:
Line Bet- on 6 numbers, i.e. 2 rows that are next to each other
Square Bet-on 4 numbers that form a block
Straight-up bet- on one number
Street bet- on 3 numbers that are in a row
Five-number line bet
Split bet- on two numbers that are one next to the other

– Outside Bet:

Bets made on numbers that are outside the layout of the table. For instance, on Black or on Red. Here are some examples:
Dozen bet-on 12 numbers
Column bet-on a vertical column
Even-money bet-on 18 numbers

– Neighbor Bets:

These bets are comprised of the Straight-up bet number you’ve wagered on and its two closest neighbor numbers, on either of its sides on the wheel. In essence, you end up betting on five numbers in total.
By default, the number of Neighbor wagers made is two. The player can adjust this number using the options menu.
This type of bet uses a credit value that is identical to the one of a normal bet. A chip gets placed on the number used for the Straight-up bet, and an additional chip is used per each neighboring number. This makes the bet five chips in total.

– Customizable Bet Layouts:

These are used in order to customize bet layouts on the table. The player can apply made bets for one specific game or during the autoplay mode.
Eight specific bet layouts at the most can be customized. You are allowed to apply more than one layout to the table during a roulette game.

Game payouts

– Inside Bets:
Line bet – 5:1

Square bet – 8:1
Straight Up bet – 35:1
Street bet – 11:1
Five-Number Line bet – 6:1
Split bet – 17:1

– Outside Bets:
Dozen bet – 2:1
Column bet – 2:1
Even-money bet 1:1

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