Another Egyptian slot game is on its way and its being called as a superb retro Egyptian game where lights flashes 24×7. So, this game is called Ancient Disco and there are a lot of funky, light bulb levels to try here. So, what are these and how you should spin the game can be learnt in the coming sections. So, grab a glass of wine and start spinning! 

The Gaming Engine of Ancient Disco

Ancient Disco is a wonderful Egyptian themed slot game with colors and retro symbols that break all the conventions of classic Egyptian slot gaming. If you are wondering, will this give the same attention to details like the classic one ? The answer would be yes! Definitely yes. The game here is made with a lot of minute details under a huge retro roof of Egyptian sparkle. It may look like you are in a las vegas strip, but you are not.  Now, you need to see the symbol strip of Ancient Disco. So, go there and be amazed! You will get a lot of symbols at your perusal and all you have to do with them is spin. If you spin them at the right order, the win will come your way and make the right bonus. So in Ancient Disco, there will be low powered A to Js playing cards as well as high powered retro Egyptian icons like a golden scarab, a cat with sunglasses, a pharaoh with sunglasses, a cocktail icon and many more. But the main win comes with the disco ball and their values. Learn these thoroughly to make the wins. There is a feature called ancient disco here in this game and this is the only feature that can make you the winner and also a retro spinner. You don’t need to spin too much to initiate the wins here. Just make sure you are awake and spin the free spins and bonus buys correctly. 

The Last Words

You don’t need a pilot’s license to spin and win the game of Ancient Disco. Just get the way cleared and start making spins from the top to bottom. That will make the wins and fun!

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