Anubis Gold has lots of unexplored areas and they have a lot of hidden bonuses as well. To know more about these hidden features, you must know how to spin the reels. That’s where Anubis Gold excels and takes charge for the gamers. So, you gamers prepare yourself for getting a massive fun adventure from Anubis Gold and start spinning in all possible ways. 

Anubis Gold and it’s Gaming Areas

No matter how slow you spin, the game of Anubis Gold will always give you the right choice when it comes to winning. Here, the basic layout gives you pretty much everything about the game and there is no extra backup needed anywhere. The game has a brown scary layout with a massive indoor hall structure. On both the sides, there are these two fire torches blazing to give out the best brightness. Speaking of the animations, they excel whenever the players spin the reels. Apart from this, the symbols also play quite well during all the spins. So, Anubis Gold doesn’t really need much support from the gamers to power up. They just need to spin and collect the wins. The symbols here begin with some casual A to J power packed alphabet icons and there are these high symbols like the Egyptian Gods also. To be precise, they will be the Eye symbol, sarcophagus symbols, queen icons and even a beetle icon. In addition to these, there are these bonus pyramid icons as well. These bonus icons really make a lot of extras if you spin them precisely.

The Bonus Areas

Spins are the main triggers here at this Egyptian slot game and they can really do a lot more free spins than the usual. The bonus pyramid symbol makes all the difference here at this game and they can make free spins and some super special double x rewards up to 50x. Apart from these, there are no extra stylising agents anywhere or any other unwanted glitters which you usually see in other Egyptian games. 

The Last Words

Anubis Gold has everything from bonuses to extra bonuses. They can be triggered using your simple spins and some spinny tumbles. So, give it a blow right now!

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