When it comes to mobile slots people expect a fun and exciting game that they can play on the go. Anubis is exactly the kind of game that people are looking for in terms of the fun and excitement that it delivers. Not only is it easy to use and beginner friendly, it also has enough substance to keep long time slot fanatics interested and playing. Like many mobile slots games it takes a familiar concept and adds its own unique twist to make things more interesting and more fun for the player. This leads to increased replay value for everyone.

Game Features

Anubis is an Egyptian themed mobile slots game that comes with several exciting features for players to enjoy. The minimum spin is 0.10, making the game accessible for just about anyone. The maximum spin is 25.00 and it has a total of 5 different optional paylines.

The game’s base jackpot is 1000 coins and is contingent on the player paying one coin per pay line. The jackpot is won by getting five “wild” symbols spinning on the players activated play line.

The symbols in the game are Egyptian based as you would probably guess from a game named “Anubis.” The symbols consist of the following: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Scarab, and Pharaoh. The jackpot symbol is displayed as an “x” symbol.

The payout itself is 94.20% and it bills itself as a slot game that people can afford to play and that offers maximum winning opportunities.

The game screen is relatively simple and straightforward. The left side of the screen has the slot reel and on the right you have three buttons: show line, bet, and start. There is also an options menu and credit counter as well as a display showing your bet. Pressing the “start” button allows you to make a spin.

The software the game runs on is the iGaming2Go system. This software is known for being used in various successful mobile slot games.


Overall Anubis is a great game for anyone who is looking for an easy to play Egyptian themed mobile slot game. The interface is easy to use and it offers good payouts. The flexible betting system is also a plus and allows players to wager the amount that they are most comfortable with. This game is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a fun and exciting mobile slots game.

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