Arctic Moon is not that of a mammoth slot game where everything is tangled and complicated. The main ideology of this slot is ‘if you spin, you will reap the rewards’. With this in mind, you need to uncover all the secrets out of the Arctic Moon. So, would you spare your precious time over this icy cold slot game called the Arctic Moon? Yes, you should! 

In Short on Arctic Moon

No game will give you a short experience without making any spins. The same follows for Arctic Moon also. This arctic based icy slot game is built with a lot of icy-ness and for you to uncover it, you need to roll every now and then. In the background of the game, there is this light blue, pastel shade with a full, white moon just chilling. It is here that you need to bring out all your confidence and gamer’s strategy. The scintillating visuals as well as the music also follows you around. So, are you ready to roll the slot and make the wins solely yours? There are multiple symbols here for you to try on. One among this will be the lows and the others will be the highs and the bonus symbols. Playing cards are the low paying symbols and these range from A to Js. The high icons are purely arctic based and they will be polar bears, whales, puffer fishes and walruses icons. The polar bears make the most rewarding bonuses and there will be some wilds as well with this set. Now it’s all good and time to move onto the reward portion of the game. Most of the rewards here are spin based and these are easily triggerable using some high commands of your high paying symbols. In addition to these, make an eye for the lock and respin feature also. This feature might get a bit too high for the beginners. So, that’s all about the Arctic Moon and now it’s time to turn and spin the Arctic Moon and its goodness. With each spin that you make, each reward will fall for you onto your bed of free spins. Experience the icy fun right now! 

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