Some slot games are made to crack all the barriers and to obtain the highest forms of wins. One such slot game is the game called Ark of Ra. Here, the gamers don’t have to spin too much to get the rewards and free spins. Since everything is Egyptian, you can win and rewin within some three or four minutes of your first roll. So, are you ready to be the roller of Ark of Ra? 

The Game and Infos

Ark of Ra is a game where you can score even with your eyes tied shut. Here, you don’t have to play too much to get the essence of real Egyptain fantasy. Right from the beginning, you will start to see the pyramids, sand dunes and the vibrant symbol table of Ark of Ra. Everything has that golden shine to it and the animations are better than anything. The music of the slot is also quite natural and it gives that special ding-dong vibe of Egypt. Now coming to the symbol tray of Ark of Ra, they are also pretty scintillating from start to end. There are not many special characters here, but the ones are here are pretty useful and well balanced for a pure win. So, it starts with A to J playing cards and slowly rises up to the main characters like the eye of Ra, cross icons, the golden bird and dog icons. In addition to this, there will be special character icons too to prove that you are the best in acquiring bonuses and extras. Using these symbols, you need to get accustomed to the entire game. 

Extras and Bonuses

So, the bonuses of Ark of Ra are golden as well. They begin with the usual wilds, then to scatters and finally to some high profile free spins. All you have to do here is to put an eye on the bonus and special symbols like the scatters to activate the wins. So, try and learn all the chapters of winning and then give it a spin. 


Ark of Ra is now ready to roll and it has a wide variety of features and bonuses. Just spin it and get the real deal out of it.   

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