Arkham Fear is not like your daily seen kind of horror slot game that won’t do much apart from spinning. This game has a lot of potential and only spinning it a couple of times will give you the real deal. So, if you are scared of horror-fun, then this is the right time to explore a horror themed slot game made by Skywind.

A Game of Horrors

This horror game is not that scary and anyone with a mild slot spinning experience put their luck on it easily. The rule here will be to not break yourself by seeing spooky things such as monsters during each corner transfer. The colors and animations are ok and they really seem to blend with the overall structure of the game. There is also a scary undertone of music as well here in Arkham Fear. This makes the spinning a bit more realistic than other spooky slot games. Now, it’s up to you to experience and make a verdict. While coming to the symbols here, they too are bright as well as spooky. So, the basic, low paying symbols begin with playing cards like spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. Apart from these, there will be high monster symbols with their well known spookiness. There are some special sets of Eldritch book symbols as well to make you the best of the best winners of Arkham Fear. These are used to obtain those high sounding rewards that you always wished for. In such a slot game, you can get pretty much anything if you are not scared at all. So, prove that you are not scared of Arkham Fear! Now talking about prize sheets of Arkham Fear, they are mainly Eldritch book powered. With the right fall that they make, you can win a lot of free spins as well as some spooky goodies from Arkham Fear. So, instead of bluffing away from the spookiness, indulge with them and get most of the game’s source winning. 

The Verdict?

It’s a sure go for you to try Arkham Fear. This game has everything that can entertain you to the core. So, be the first participant to try the reels of Arkham Fear! 

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