Around the World


This slot game equipped with five reels, 20 lines and 200 coins, offers a player a possibility to earn a considerable amount of money, thanks to the features, such as globe bonus, multiplier, wild and around the world.
The main idea of Around the World is to get that winning combo on the lines by spinning the reels. A player will receive an amount that is directly linked to types of symbols that he has got in his winning combo.

How to play

A lines button is used to set the amount of paylines that a player chooses.
Down and up buttons are used to set the desired bat.
Coin button is used to increase the amount of coins for betting.
Bet max is used to set the bet amount to the maximum.
Spin is used for reel spinning.
Win field represents how much the winning combo on the lines has reeled in the money. Winning combo will be highlighted at the reels.
If a player spins the reels, but does not get a winning combo, then he loses the game. He then can continue to play another one.
Autoplay button is used for setting a sequence of games that a player wishes to play. This button can be customized in regards to settings such as spinning and stopping,
Paytable shows the amount of money won per combo. The amount a player receives is directly linked to the amount he uses on each payline.
The winnings are multiplied with the staked amount on every payline.
Scatter winnings, which don’t have to show up on the selected paylines, represent the amount that the scatter symbol combo is worth multiplied by a player’s bet. They are also combined with payline winnings. In case a player gets both winnings, scatter and payline, then he receives both of them.



If there are 3+ symbols of the globe, then a player can start using a bonus feature, which will provide him with an extra game. This rule applies only if the symbols appear on the paylines that the player has chosen. During the game, a player is given a chance to earn a multiplier that can increase his winning up to 400%. All he has to do is select the path. If he wins, he can continue playing this game, or decide to take the winnings and resume playing games in the regular mode.
Around the World
This symbol is considered wild and can be used to replace all others, but for compass, globe and phileas. If there are two or more of these symbols present in the string on a payline that a player has selected, then a player wins the game.


This wild symbol is also considered a multiplier as it multiplies the winning string x2, provided that it is used in the string as a replacement for another symbol. Phileas can replace all symbols, but for the symbols of globe, compass and around the world.
When there are more than one phileas symbols on the line a player has selected, then the player wins the game. The winnings cannot be multiplied.


As the only symbol that does not have to appear on the paylines a player has selected, this symbol can bring a player the win, provided there are at least three of them.
If the compass shows the position of north, then a player gets a chance to win a multiplier as a bonus.
Around the word and Phileas symbols can’t be used to replace the symbol of compass.

Game Rules

Payout is calculated based on the highest sequence per payline. This rule does not apply to scatter winnings, which are combined with the regular winnings. Bonus winnings are also combined with the regular winnings.
All symbols pay from left to right, i.e. from 1st reel, on a payline in a regular mode. This rule does not apply for the scattered symbols.
Amount won is multiplied with the staked amount on each line in order to calculate player’s winnings in a regular mode.
If the system experiences technical problems, payouts and plays are canceled.
How much a player has in credits is calculated by using the amount of coins multiplied by their size.
The entire amount won is multiplied with the size of the coins that a player has chosen to play with.
Bonus winnings and winnings with scattered symbols are combined with the winnings won in the regular games.
Paytable shows how much a player has won per winning sequence. How much a player wins is directly linked to how much he stakes.
The staked bet is multiplied with the type of combination won in order to calculate the scatter winnings.
Compass is the only symbol that can appear outside the lines. When at least three of them appear on the reels, a player wins. If the symbol points to north, then a player will receive a bonus multiplier.
Around the world replaces all symbols, but for globe, phileas and compass.

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