High rollers can now rejoice because there is a new Roulette by Evolution gaming called Auto-Roulette VIP Live. This is a auto roulette game which means that it is a live roulette without a dealer. In most of the live casino games, there is a dealer that takes the bet and rolls the wheel, however, those games are usually slow and also can be scheduled two to three times in a day. So, to make the gaming much faster, the Auto-roulette VIP live has been introduced that the players can enjoy

Get The Special Treatment At Auto-Roulette VIP Live

The game has a unique design that attracts the players in the first instant. The players will see a red coloured felt a betting table and a wooden wheel. It is all projected live for the players but there is no dealer. The game progresses automatically. The game goes according to the European Roulette rules and the players are welcomed to make bets. Since this is a VIP game, the players can bet as high as £20,000 and as low as 20p. The player can play from 60 to 80 games per hour since the game speed is really fast and the results are announced even faster.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Auto-Roulette VIP Live is really easy. As soon as the player enters the game room, they have to set the size of the bet, choose a coin and place the bet on the betting table. The player can only place the inside as well as the outside bets. The payouts of inside bets are 1:! And of the outside bets are 35:1. Once the bet has been placed, the wheel will rotate and the ball will land on one number. If the number falls amongst the numbers that the player has bet on, they will win if not then they lose.

To Sum Up

Evolution Gaming has done a great job in designing Auto-Roulette VIP Live. This game is fast paced and can be played at any time of the day. The game can also be accessed on the mobiles and tablets of the players. Video quality is smooth and there is a detailed info section for the players who are new to the game. All in all, this is one game that is a must try for all players.

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