The cute Russian doll lovers have a chance to cherish. The lovers of these dolls have got a slot version of this famous doll, Babushka. The Russian doll is already quite popular among the classes and now, the slot version is taking the online casino world by storm. Ironically, just like there is a doll inside a doll, here, in the slot version, there is reward then again a reward in the game. The chain goes expanding and fills the bank balance of the players.

About the Developer

Babushka is a marvel created by Thunderkick. Thunderkick is an amazing online casino game developer and with this slot game, it has raised the bar. With mind-blowing features, Babushka stands out and the credit completely goes to Thunderkick.

About the Game

Babushka is loaded with enthralling features. There is so much to love about this slot game apart from the cute doll. Starting with the graphics, the graphics of this slot game are spell- bounding. They are unique and are appealing to the eyes. The 3D graphics are exhilarating. The background music sets the gaming mood right.

The features of this slot game are quite unique. This slot offers a once in a lifetime experience. The rules and regulations are basic and the gameplay is very easy. Getting the symbols right starts the series of rewards and so, the players just need to hit the right combinations. The symbol of this slot game is the Babushka doll in different sizes and in different colours.

The slot game features five reels and seventeen pay lines. If the player gets the correct combination, he opens up his bright chances in the slot game. The rewards are decided by the bet and the symbols involved.

The reels will flaunt seven dolls numbered 0 to 7. The winning combinations compile of three, four or five similar symbols. If the entire screen flaunts the same doll, it will get upgraded. After this, the doll zero becomes a special ghost doll and the doll is worth a hundred times the initial bet.

The free bonus round of this slot game is so amazing. A player stands a chance to win three big jackpots. The major jackpot gives $1000, the second one offers $250 while the third and the last one gives $50 to the winner.


Babushka is an amazing and extraordinary slot game. The theme is unique and the rewards are big.

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