Baccarat Control Squeeze Live was released back in 2016 by Evolution Gaming, who incidentally have a solid rep for making the most remarkable games that everyone within reach wants to play. This live dealer game is essentially the same as Baccarat Squeeze Live that is made by the same company.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live, however, comes with a sweet twist that players have so far been unable to get enough of! In this live baccarat game, players are allowed to control the squeeze if they choose to. The game is accessible on mobile, tablets and what have you.

Get more mightily squeezing details below!

Live And Mighty With Baccarat Control Squeeze Live!

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live, just like most other live dealer games in the stables of Evolution Gaming is streamed live from a studio in far away Latvia. It employs multiple HD-capable cameras, has sweet and easy gameplay mechanics and a lush ambience. 8 decks of cards are used during gameplay sessions and side bets are allowed.

There is no demo mode in Baccarat Control Squeeze and the betting limits range from 5 to 15,000. This makes it quite clear that it is a game meant only for high rollers.

Game rules enable betting on Player, Banker or Tie, with the payouts for these being set at 1:1. 0.95:1 and 8:1 respectively. The game begins when a player makes a wager and speedily receives a couple of face-down cards from the dealer, with the banker getting 2 similar cards.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live distinguishes itself by letting players gradually uncover their cards overlay masks in order to see their values. Next, another card with the same overlay masks is dealt to both the player and banker, with the results of this being shortly announced by the dealer.

Final Thoughts

Taking place in a studio that is custom-built for the purpose, hosted by some of the prettiest and sexiest live dealers on the galaxy, equipped with multi-camera views and an extremely useful interface, Baccarat Control Squeeze Live goes for broke and deals out fun and action in generous handfuls! Classy, luxurious and fit for the most pernickety high roller, this live dealer game assuredly appears to be the real deal!

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