If you are looking for a simple casino game which comes with a house edge on the lower side, you have to look at the game of Baccarat. Available in most online and conventional casinos, players bet on their hand versus that of the dealer. They can either bet that the player’s hand wins or that the dealer’s hand wins or that there will be a tie between the two. For any hand to win, the total value of the hand should be as near to nine as possible. 

How is the total value of a hand calculated?

Just like in other popular card games like blackjack, in the game of Baccarat too each card has a specific value (the valuation is a lot different compared to blackjack though). The value of each card in the deck is as follows:

  • The value of every number card, except 10, is considered as its face value
  • The value of an Ace is considered as 1
  • The value of a 10 card and any other picture card except the Ace is considered as zero

Both the dealer and the player get two cards each, and the hand whose total is as near to 9 as possible wins the round. The players have to bet on the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand or a tie. The tie is rare by pays 9 to 1. The house edge is lowest for the banker bet at 1.17% while the house edge for the player bet is a bit higher at 1.36%.

Playing and betting

Hence, it is obvious that the game of Baccarat is very simple. All you need to do is decide which hand might win and bet on it. Betting on the dealer’s hand is the safest option thanks to the low house edge; all wins are paid after deducting a 5% commission for the house. The game offered by NetEnt provides players with a betting range as low as 0.10 credits to as high as 1000 credits. There is a normal version, a low roller version and a high stakes version available. Take advantage of the demo mode to get to know the game before going for the real money versions. 


Thus, Baccarat from NetEnt is simple and comes with some outstanding graphics and options. The low limit or demo versions are a great way to get acquainted with the game. Check out the game at Vegas Paradise casino. 

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