Talk about BIRDZ on a wire! In this online video slot by Games Warehouse, you get a total of 15 moody birds. These birds are lined up as five on each of three electric wires from electric poles. This low variance slot has loads of bonus features that promise to give players considerable payouts at the end of the day. Some of the features include Cracking Wilds, Scarecrow and Pecking Order bonus.

Taking Flight With BIRDZ

The entire symbols in this video slot comprise of BIRDZ. Those birds on the wire come in a variety of colours in this five reel slot. There are 30 active paylines and players can win when three or more birds of similar colours appear on the wire or reels. Once you land a win, the winning bird symbols will varnish and in their place, new birds appear. If you are lucky, you could land a sequence of consecutive wins.

As you land winning combinations, you will move one step up a bonus path which is located on the left side of the reels. You will activate the bonus feature you are presently on if the next spin of the reels does not result in a winning combination. There is a Shotgun icon on the left side of the screen beside the reels, when this icon lights up, one of the birds will get shot and replaced by another bird. Hopefully, the replacement will help you in landing a win.

An Egg Wild Symbol Boosts Wins

The Wild symbol is a large egg which cracks open to reveal a bird that could help you in landing matching bird symbols and a win. There is a Zap bonus, where five BIRDZ on a wire will be electrocuted and then replaced by five new birds. You could win big if all five bird replacements match up.

Bonus Features In BIRDZ

This slot offers a maximum multiplier of 20x your betting sum. This may seem like chicken feed, but this slot guarantee wins and these wins come quite regularly. Apart from the Shotgun and Zap features, you also have Cracking Wilds, Scarecrow and Pecking Order bonus features.

With the Cracking Wilds, Wild Eggs are included on reels 1, 2 and 3. This will boost your chances of landing combo wins. Scarecrow bonus will ensure that every single one of your lines is repopulated with BIRDZ. Pecking Order will randomly give your birds an upgrade to further boost your chances of forming a line win.

To Sum Up

This is a really interesting slot with a bright concept. The graphics and background music work well to keep your interest up, while the gameplay will ensure that you don’t stop playing anytime soon.

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