Blackjack F Live is a wonderful game created by Evolution Gaming. Being One of the most renowned table games, Blackjack has a good market and has always been loved by the players.

Get to know Blackjack F Live

As the simple rule says, the game will be hosted by the dealer allowing seven players to play on game table. Around 8 standard decks of card are used and each deck has 52 cards. Everytime, the dealer will stand on 17. The initial cards that have same value can also split but note that 1 split can be done on each hand.

When it comes to face values, the cards from 10-2 have their own face values as their worth. On the other hand, the face cards have their value as 10 while the aces have their values as 1 or 11. If you go for a soft hand, the Ace is worth 11.

When the permitted betting time gets over, the dealer will have to deal with one face card and that too for every player. Well, this dealing process will start with one face card which is on the left hand side and will keep on continuing in clockwise direction. It will end up with the dealer. In case the initial two card hand has its value as 21, it means you’ve a blackjack.

If the upcard with dealer is an Ace, an insurance will be purchased. This is done to offset the risk but when the value of initial hand is not 21, the Double Down is done which will double up the bet allowing for dealing of only one additional card.

Want to Split?

In case the initial hand has a card pair having equal value, the pair has the ability to be split for making two different bets. Side bets are optional and are included in this round also. Perfect Pairs & 21+3 are examples of side bets that can be placed along with side bets in Blackjack F Live.

Final Say: Blackjack F Live Review

It is pretty simple and is straightforward too. Also, being a live version it is much more entertaining than the traditional Blackjack games. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Blackjack F Live.

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