Blackjack H Live is a new blackjack variant launched by Evolution Gaming. The basic and simple rules of Blackjack remain same. The main aim is that the total score should not exceed twenty-one. And, if the sum of your first two-card hand turns out to be exactly 21 then players will achieve a Blackjack. Blackjack H Live has been designed in such a way that is compatible with various smart devices.

Blackjack H Live Features


If the blackjack dealer up card turns out to be an Ace, then players are given an option to buy insurance so as to offset any risk that dealer has the Blackjack while even you also possess a Blackjack in your hand. The value of the insurance will be equal to 1 half of the main bet placed by you and insurance bet will be settled individually from a bet in your hand.

After which, the dealer will then peeks at a value of the downcard so as to check for the Blackjack. If dealer does not possess a Blackjack, then the round will continue. But sadly if the dealer hand has a Blackjack and you doesn’t, then the dealer’s hand will win. However, If you both have a Blackjack hand, then the round will end and the bets placed will be returned. The players must always remember that when dealer’s up card turns out to be a face card or 10, then you will not get the option to buy insurance and dealer will not see at his downcard so as to check the Blackjack.


When a dealer does not possess any Blackjack while checking his 2 initial cards, then the players are given an opportunity to improve values of the hands. To enable this, dealer will move clockwise around a table so as to offer a chance to deal with further cards in players’ hands.

If any value comes out which is not equal to 21, then players can choose to Double Down. During this case, players will double their bet and will be dealt with only one extra card so as to add into their hand. Alternatively, players can choose for Hit option in which an additional card will get added to the sum of players hand. The players can choose again for Hit option more than once so as to receive extra cards before they decide to Stand once they are satisfied with value of their hand.

To Sum Up

Blackjack H Live is a nice version of Blackjack with a twist. The players will have fun while playing this table game. Blackjack H Live surely has some fantastic features and will surely entertain lots of players.

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