Blackjack is a game that goes by many names, with the most popular of these being 21. This is, in fact, its original name before it was introduced to North America. Consistently, it is regarded as the top dog among other casino table games and its legions of fans are not about to let anyone forget that!

The game is wildly popular due to the glamour it is endowed with, as well as the fact that lots of famous people have been pictured playing it. Surprisingly, it is not at all hard to grasp and play and is indeed among the easiest table games around.

In blackjack, players sit with the dealer and aim at defeating the dealer rather than each other by getting a hand that’s worth more than anything else the dealer can conjure up. The best hand here is known as Blackjack and is worth exactly 21.

Part of what makes Blackjack so popular is that it has a wide diversity of variants to cater to all sorts of tastes. Some of these follow classic rules, while others come with their own unique rules that might be a little hard to grasp.

Evolution Gaming is an industry leader with lots of blackjack variants in its collection, among which is Blackjack K Live. This live game is pretty much standard but offers thrills aplenty. Read up on it below

Blackjack K Live! Simply Enticing

Like any live game, there is a live dealer sitting pretty in Blackjack K Live. These are usually female and rather sexy looking ones at that who have lots of training and experience in their craft.

A well-decorated studio is the setting, though most of it cannot be seen as the backdrop is a little hazy. Instead, the cameras here are focused on the dealer and the blackjack table to the apparent exclusion of everything else. The aforesaid blackjack table has room for 7 and gameplay takes place using 8 decks that have 52 cards apiece lodged within.

Standard blackjack rules are very much applicable in Blackjack K Live. As a result, the dealer stands on 17s, with players being able to double down their first 2 cards and split initial cards that are identical in value.

However, just one split per hand is allowed and only a single card can be placed on a split Ace. Doubling down is not possible after splitting either. The payout here is Blackjack 3:2 and Insurance 2:1 and the card values are unchanged from standard blackjack.

Gameplay in Blackjack K Live starts off once the dealer deals a couple of face-up cards to those players that happen to be present at the Blackjack table. The options available to players include to Hit, Stand or Double Down as desired so as to better the current hand.

Final Thoughts

This live dealer game from Evolution Gaming is easy enough to like but does not really offer anything that can be described as revolutionary.
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