Live Blackjack games offer fun and action unlimited 24 hours of every day. To take advantage of the different tastes of players they come in more variants than even a savant could keep track of! Vegas Paradise casino brings to you the fun of these magical table games with some of the exquisite collection in its Blackjack lobby

Bet Behind option in Blackjack Lobby games

Bet Behind- There are normally 7 seats in all live blackjack games. However, latecomers who are unable to get a seat are not sent on their way and told to take a hike. Instead, they can stay around and participate in the gameplay by utilizing the Bet Behind option. This option essentially lets other players -both seated and standing- bet along with any of the seated players. The Bet Behind option is particularly useful when players want to tap into the fortune that Lady Luck might be showering with abandon on another player.

Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets- the 21+3 side bet refers to a bet on the players’ initial cards, as well as the dealers’ initial face-up card. The Perfect Pairs side bet is a bet made by the player that their initial cards will be of mixed colour, of the same colour, same/same or of mixed suits.

Blackjack Lobby at Vegas Paradise

Live Blackjack- This offers standard gameplay and 7 seats. There are other variations including Blackjack 2, Blackjack 3, Blackjack VIP options for high rollers with sweet audio and visual effects and chunky action captured through multiple camera angles.

Blackjack Party- this seats 7 players and is hosted by a live dealer. The emphasis is on fun and the look has more than a passing resemblance to a party scene. Coloured lights, pounding audio effects, live chat features and more all make Blackjack Party a party of epic proportions!

Then there are others like Blackjack Common Draw Low Roller and Blackjack High Roller Standard.

The Blackjack Lobby has all the games with Pre-Decision options that help make them speedy. Just before gameplay, players can thus set up options to hit, split, stand, double down and more when certain gameplay parameters are reached. This, when activated massively, automates the whole experience, apart from making it essentially stress-free.


A range of Blackjack Lobby sure does sound like fun! Players can place thrilling side bets, bet along with their fellow players, play live in a party atmosphere while chatting with well-trained dealers and people from all over the globe.

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