Blackjack is one of the oldest, classic and interesting games keeping the gamblers attached to the casino culture. The thrill of playing on the table with some online players gives the players a chance to bet and win high amounts of money.
Blackjack M Live by Evolution Gaming is one of the versions available online for an added thrill to the players.

Theme and display of Blackjack M Live!

Blackjack M Live is an online casino with a simple casino outlay and a green table on display. There are live dealers dealing the cards on the game with real cameras to display the cards up close. The theme is quite beautiful to create good mood for the players to get into a play mode with fun and excitement.
With ultra-modern technology, powerful use of colours, brilliant display and live cameras to unleash the true picture of the gambling structure, this is one of the most trending versions of Blackjack from Evolution Gaming.

How to play Blackjack M Live?

As the player loads Blackjack M Live on their mobile device, they are at ease to choose from an array of tables based on the risk they want to take. There are six variants of chips on the panel to play with.
Each table can take 7 players and a dealer. You can take a seat of Bet Behind to get benefits from other player’s luck. There is also chance to look at the history trails to understand the game progress and play with good strategies.

The dealer shuffles the deck of 8 cards and the players get to split and double down on the initial two card. The split although available only once the aces can be split again when a card is added! There are other features relevant to the blackjack game like 21+3 bets, deal now, side bets, bet-behind, pre-decision etc.


Blackjack M Live is an excellent table game with an exceptional online display and betting experience. This version by Evolution gaming brings a live camera experience where the players get to see the dealers live and get live dealings on the platform.
Bringing the best of technology, quality display, HD video experience, and high-risk betting, the players have chances to wager good earnings!

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