Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is one of the most amazing online casino games of all times. This casino game is based on the traditional Blackjack casino game but, with little and interesting changes. Just like the traditional Blackjack, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is also very popular among the casino lovers. This traditional game, with a modern twist, also makes up for the best entertainer for the new casino gamers as they can play the game without involving any money. This gives them all the liberty to enjoy the game without losing a single penny from their pocket. While, the players who are a pro at this game can try their luck by keeping real money on stake. The high RTP, which is 98.55%, this casino game has become the game of choice of the casino players.

About the Developer

This amazing casino game is developed by the Australian game developer NYX (Next Gen Gaming). Next gen Gaming is one of the most successful online casino game developer that has always managed to win the hearts of all the casino lovers. This online game developer was set up in the year 1999 and has been developing the most technologically forward online casino games for the casino players. The developer leaves no stone unturned in making the games stand out in the crowd.

About the Game

Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is very interesting online casino game with very easy and interesting game play. The player and the dealer play a single hand game to win 3: player can also win 1:1 payout by getting 21 before the dealer. If the dealer makes more than 21 (i.e. bust), the player win the game. Asking for insurance gives 2:1 payout. If the player asks for insurance, he can get the payout if it is a tie or both of them get the same total (push). In Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand the values of the cards are same as the traditional Blackjack. The value of the face cards (K, Q, and J) is 10. The value of Ace is 11 or 1. The other cards are counted as their number value. The player can place a bet between minimum of $0.10 and maximum of $10,000. The game begins after placing the bet. Talking about the other features of Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand, the graphics are exhilarating. The animation, graphics and sound effects come together to make the game larger than life experience. All three of them also make the game play very realistic.


Blackjack Payout: 3:2
Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand is one of the most interesting games among all the online casino games. The best part of the game is that it offers fat chances of winning. With the high RTP, even a new player can make it big in the game. The easy set of rules and regulations, make this game one of the most interesting games.

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