Blackjack Professional Series Standard by NetEnt: A brief review!

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It is available across the casinos that are land-based and online both. With unlimited variations and designs of Blackjack, it has been a celebration for the gamblers. But it is always a joy to return back to its basic module. Blackjack professional series standard by NetEnt is exactly the same!

NetEnt has designed the Blackjack Professional series standard to keep it as basic as possible. The dealing of the cards, bet strategies and peeking of Blackjack remains almost the same but this time with a few rules that make it an advanced professional series.

Features of Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Every Blackjack Professional Series Standard has a slight variation. In this version by NetEnt too, there are some new rules to follow! The dealer draws 16 and stands by the 17. The eyes are on the blackjack i.e. ten, ace or the face cards.

The players are allowed to double up or split the cards but re-split is not allowed. There is a basic strategy chart which the players generally are well versed with. If the cards suit any of the strategy combinations – the players take the game ahead. The chart decides the winning position of a player!

Game rules and play

After the cards are dealt, the betting begins! There is the main bet that takes place right after the cards have been dealt. Then there are side bets which are to be placed soon after. It is after having placed all your bets on the table that the real show begins. One can double up their main bet for their card bet. A player wins if he gets a pair of jack cards or the first card is a jack. Upon each combination, there is a prize to be won.

Single player and online advantages

If a player isn’t well versed or is a beginner with Blackjack Professional Series Standard by NetEnt, they need not fret. There is a standard game set for them on both land casinos and online games. The basic strategy chart is handy to help them learn the best combinations and make them put the bet right. The Double jack side bet stands as a different bet altogether making it easier for the players to win apart from the Blackjack trade.


Blackjack Professional Series Standard by NetEnt is a swift version of the real Blackjack game. With the all the game rules being the same, there is a slight variation of the game comes with the Double jack side bet. But once you begin with the game, it turns all the more exciting

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