Live Blackjack games are some of most entertaining online slot games and this is the reason that there are numerous variants for this game. One such variant by Evolution gaming is called Blackjack VIP E Live. This is a VIP Blackjack game that is suitable for the high rollers who want to spend some quality time and big bucks in playing a game of Blackjack. It is a live Blackjack version hence there will be a live dealer and the games are available in different languages for the players from around the world.

Look and Feel of Blackjack VIP E Live

Blackjack VIP E Live has high definition graphics and the video quality is also brilliant. Video and audio quality is something that matters the most in a live casino game and it is the best in this Blackjack version. As this is a VIP game, the betting will of course be high. The betting starts from £100 and goes up to £1000 and more. The players will be able to interact with the dealer as well as the other players on the table. The dealer will keep announcing the rules and will also keep asking the players to take action. The players will also be able to adjust the quality of the video so that they can get smooth broadcasting depending on their internet connection.

Features and Gameplay

The gameplay of Blackjack VIP E Live is same as any other Blackjack game. The dealer will ask the players to choose the chips and place their bets. The players can click on the chips given on the screen to place the bets. Now the dealer will deal the cards and the players will be given the option to double their bets, deal or hold their cards. 21 is a Blackjack and any number which is higher than the dealer but lower than blackjack will win. For more information, there is also an ‘i’ button given on the screen that has all the rules of the game.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP E Live is a simple looking yet enjoyable Blackjack game. Players will be able to openly interact with the dealer and the other players and this will give them a feel of playing at a real time casino. For those who are looking for a good game of Blackjack Live, this one will not disappoint.

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