Evolution Gaming software developers developed Blackjack VIP G Live. This game is designed particularly for the seasoned and experienced gamblers who have a desire to play the blackjack game where they can place high bets.

Place The High Bets In Blackjack VIP G Live

As you know, there are many blackjack games which allow the entry of low stake players. But this game does not permit low stake rollers and is specifically aimed for high rollers.

The players have to set such an amount as their bet so that they will not come in the situation of financial ruin. So, they are suggested to gamble responsibly. Your betting amount will decide how much progressive money rewards will you win.

Gaming Rules Of Blackjack VIP G Live

The rules of Blackjack VIP G Live are almost common to the other games of blackjack. The players can have a “Blackjack” when they make a combined value of 21 with their hands. With the help of Blackjack, you will get a payout ratio of 3 to 2.

Whenever you have an “Insurance”, then the payout ratio which you will get is 2 to 1. When you make winning hands, then you will be rewarded with a payout ratio of 1 to 1.

Place The Side Bets

The players can also play through the side bets in the Blackjack VIP G Live. The side bets which this game provides are 21+3 as well as Perfect Pairs side bets. The players can have the opportunity to earn the payout ratio of 25 to 1 with the help of the side bet of Perfect Pairs. Along with the side bets, the players can also make the use of the Bet Behind Feature. This feature is used when the players don’t find the available seats on the table of blackjack.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP G Live is an online casino game for the high stake players. In all, this is a new version of blackjack that is worth taking a chance on.

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