Bobby 7’s


With two additional features, free games and bonus, Bobby7 is one of those 5 reel slot games where you can win up to a 95.15% return, in case you get lucky and get the right combination in the lines you have selected. The money that you might win depends on the money you have used for playing, i.e. the coins, and on the type of the combination of symbols you have won.

How to play

Next to the lines and bet fields there are two buttons, – and +, which are used to modify these fields. If you want to get the maximum in these fields, you can use the max button, which will increase your bet and lines to the maximum automatically. Alternatively, you can use the line tag number in order to pick the number of lines. The line tag number is located next to the reels.
The spin button is used for reel spinning. Autoplay is used to play games in a consecutive order without changing the preferences. This is done automatically for several spins. The number of spins can vary from five to five hundred.
On a display you will see information about your balance (total amount), bet (how much you have placed on each line), lines (the number of lines that have been selected for playing), win (the amount of money you have won in a round, i.e. spin) and total bet (the money you have placed on each line multiplied by the number of lines selected- it is called the total wager)
In case the system experiences any problems, all payouts and plays are cancelled.


There are several 7’s features, which can be activated while a player is using a free games feature.

Police 7 hi/lo

If you see police 7 simultaneously on reels one, two and three, you can use this feature.
Using hi or lo, you are stating whether the next number is higher or lower than the preceding one. If you guess it correctly then you go up the cash ladder. If you make a mistake, you will lose the right to use this feature. But you will be given a prize, which is found on the cash ladder.

Judge 7 multiplier

If there is judge on reels two, three and four simultaneously, then you can use this feature.
This feature has a gavel, which will slam down and thus will be used to multiply your bet. The limit for slamming down the gavel is five.

Crook 7 Loot

If you see crook 7 on reels three, four and five simultaneously, then you have the right to choose this feature. The point of the feature is to choose the triggering crook 7 symbol, which will select the crook and thus give you the prize. How much you win in the prize is in accordance to the loot found in the crook’s bag.

Free Games

If you see thief on reels one, three and five simultaneously, then you can activate the feature that will double your bet at the very beginning of it. It will also allow you to play it at the lines as well as bet of the spin that is considered triggering.
You have to choose a thief symbol, which will enable you to see how many free spins you have. The prizes that are a part of the free spins are duplicated.
This feature can be restarted.

Gamble (if it can be applied)

You can gamble using the button with the same name and then choose either a colour which will double your win, or suit, which will quadruple your win, provided that your choice was correct. You can gamble this way for maximum five times. However, if you receive a jackpot, know that you cannot gamble with it.

Game Rules

You can choose to play from one to twenty-five lines.
The amount that is paid to you depends on the paytable.
The amount that you have put on each payline is multiplied by the number of payline wins.
The total amount that is staked multiplies all the scatter wins, which are also combined with the payline wins.
Every line that is selected will show only the highest amount that has won.
If there are the winnings that are the same but on different paylines, then they are also combined.
Only the wins regarding police7, judge7, crook7 and thief can be outside the selected lines. These wins are also the only ones that are paid from right to left and that cannot be substituted by bobby.
You will see thief on the first, third and fifth reef, police 7 on the first, second and third, judge 7 on the second, third and fourth whereas the crook can be found only on the third, fourth and fifth reels.

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